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Professional Technological Background Excellent Technicians

Established in 1981, Chyng Cheeun is a specialist in design and manufacturing of the most comprehensive range of continuous bag sealing machines.

Through years of efforts, Chyng cheeun has become a leader among the sealing machine manufacturers in Taiwan. At Chyng Cheeun, we insist on quality and excellent manufacturing system. To this end, we always follow the demands of ISO 9001 quality assurance system, and implement effective management and practical enterprise operation. In addition, rigorous quality control is conducted throughout the entire manufacturing process Chyng Cheeun products have been CE certified, and Chyng Cheeun has obtained several awards, such as R & D award and Golden Dragon award for exquisite machinery. Chyng Cheeun products have obtained several patents in Taiwan.

The full series of Chyng Cheeun products have passed safety regulations and obtained several awards. All these reputations fully represent Chyng Cheeun’s dedication to constant progress and innovation and insisting on quality. Chyng Cheeun has accumulated aver 30 years of manufacturing experience, and we have outstanding technological background to manufacture high performance food packaging equipment to serve our customers. Furthermore, we also offer technical consultancy for our customers. We not only provide basic machines, but also whole-plant equipment in clouding technical transfer.

Chyng Cheeun Machines Meet International Quality Standards

Chyng Cheeun has marked and technological cooperation with many developed countries, providing more competitive products and better services to customers. Chyng Cheeun products not only share big market in Taiwan, but also have been sold to over 85 countries around the world, such as U.S.A, Australia, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UAE, New Zealand, Netherland, Singapore, South Africa, Britain, Germany, Japan, Africa and Indonesia etc. We appreciate it very much for customers’ long-term supports, and we will do our best to provide the best quality equipment and service for users’ satisfaction and loyalty of agents.

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