Side-Wrap Semi-Auto Capping Machine


  • This Side-Wrap Semi-Auto Capping Machine is designed to handle Trigger Spray Cap, Pump Cap, Push-Pull Cap, Snap Hinge Cap, Sport Push-pull Cap for general products.
  • Semi automatic capping machine main construction by stainless steel SUS#304.
  • Stainless steel conveyor frame and adjustable conveyor rail guides.
  • Only hand wheel adjustments, no change parts are needed.
  • Front hand wheels for adjustment the cap tighten belts.
  • Wrap around belts assembly for holding the containers.
  • Fast changeover device and easy machine clearing.
  • One air compressor(1 HP) is required(prepared by buyer).
  • Cap sorter and cap chute for auto cap supplying.
  • Cap hopper with elevator conveyor for supplying caps into cap sorter.