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Sealing Machine

We have different kinds of machines, such as Continuous Sealing Machine, Hand/Foot Type Sealer, Foil Sealing Machine, we will advise you the most suitable machine according your product information.


Industry solution

We will combine different packing ways( filling, capping etc.) and also cooperate with other suppliers to meet your product line.


More than just packing!

Chyng Cheeun supports different functions for your product line, not only sealing, packing and filling but also labeling machine, printer, bottle leak tester and strapping machine.

Packaging Industry Show

Why choose us?

Established in 1981, Chyng Cheeun has accumulated over 35 years of manufacturing experience. We are  specialist in design and manufacturing of the most comprehensive range of continuous bag sealing machines.

  • Professional Technological Background
  • Excellent Technicians
  • The most different choice for you.
  • Different patents for our machines
  • Meet International Quality Standards
  • Charities for Society

Hot Products

Impulse Foot Sealer

Impulse Foot Sealer

CC-HN series, Designed for sealing various bag materials. Automatic and continuous sealing with switch for foot control.

Computer Operated Filling Machine

Computer Operated Filling Machine

CC-1000W/S, Designed for weighing and filling powder, powder grit, and grit product, such as medicine, watermelon seed, nut peanut, green bean, animal-feed, detergent, rice, French bread …etc.