High Speed Grinding/Separating Machine

High Speed Grinding/Separating Machine
  • Factories which make bean curd, spiced & dried bean curd, soybean jelly, soybean milk, etc.
  • Bean grinding, scum removal accomplished in a single operation, with thickly flavored bean paste emerging all at once. And flaky scum discharged at the same time.
  • Employing stainless steel and aluminum alloy, beautiful and endurable, no rust buildup, compact size, space saving and facilitates fast cleaning.
  • Special waterprooling of motor and the international standard of CE, UL, CSA ISO9002.
  • Applications wide and extensive including rice milling, fine grinding of beans, soft-soaked items.
Model AA-16M AA-16F AA-14F
Output (Kgs/Hr) 20–45 50–135 200–360
Concentration of soy-milk 3–15°
Diameter of the grinding stone (mm) 100 120 178
Material of the grinding stone Corundum
Power 1.5 HP 2 HP 15 HP
Frequence 60–50 Hz
Speed 3600/2800 R.P.M
Weight (kg) 36 56 160
Size (cm) 39.3×35.3×95 51×42.6×108.5 85×52×155
Voltage 110/220 V