Positioning Wrap-around Labeler


  • The machine is designed for partial/fully wrap-around labeling on round containers. Available for positioning labeling for round bottles with a handle. Available to apply one or two labels at a time on the bottle.
  • Machine meets current GMP standards.
  • Japan PLC combine with Proface human / machine interface LCD touch screen control.
  • Japan precision 5-phase stepping motor and driver.
  • Stainless steel frame construction is standard.
  • Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.
  • When the hot foil printer ribbon runs out, this labeler will stop and provide an ” error” message.
  • Hot Foil Printer for date-coding.
  • Product feeding turn table (diameter 650 / 800 /1000mm.)
  • LRD-611 0 Lion Sensor for transparent labels (USA made)
Label Width A Type/1-12 cm, C Type/1-18 cm
D type:1-22 cm, E type:1-25 cm
Label Length 1.5~30 cm
Product Thickness(diameter) 2.5-10 cm (bigger size is available on request )
Reel Diameter(Inner/Outer) 7.6~36cm(Max.)
Labeling Speed 12-38 Meter per minute
Power Consumption 570W