High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper

High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper
  • Compact construction for reducing space required.
  • Bag length indication ensures fast and accurate length adjustment.
  • Specially designed feeding system is available for packaging soft and sticky products.
  • Equipped with precision photocell sensor for film tracing control.
Optional Accessories
  • Gusset device.
  • Date coder.
  • Adjustable bag former.
  • Stainless steel machine frame.
Packaging Flow Chart

Packaging Flow Chart
(1)Packaging film (2)Photocell (3)Former (4)Pusher (5)Product (6)Fin sealing wheel (7)End sealing jaw(8)Discharging conveyor

Packaging Picture

Bag Styles
Model AAM-450H AAM-600H
Operating speed (pack/min) 20–150 20–150
Bag length (cm) 8–32 10–40
Max. film width (max.roll dia.)(cm) 45(30) 60(30)
Product width (max.)(cm) 2–12(5–15) 8–23(11–27)
Product height (cm) Max. 6.5(12) Max. 6.5(12)
Main drive motor 1HP
Heater 800 W for center sealer, 1200 W for end sealer