Micro-Computerized High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Micro-Computerized High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper
  • User-friendly human/machine interface control for convenient operations.
  • Dialogue type screen provides maximum operation convenience and is easy to learn.
  • Memory function makes the machine ideal for flexible packing operations.
  • Self-diagnostic function permits convenient troubleshooting.
  • Specially designed feeding system is available for packaging soft and sticky products.
Optional Accessories
  • Gusset device.
  • Date coder.
  • Stainless steel machine frame.
Packaging Flow Chart

Packaging Flow Chart
(1)Packaging film (2)Photocell (3)Former (4)Pusher (5)Product(6)Fin sealing wheel (7)End sealing jaw(8)Discharging conveyor

Packaging Picture

Bag Styles
Model AAM-350I AAM-450I AAM-600I
Operating speed 30-250 pack/min 30-250 pack/min 30-150 pack/min
Bag length 8-32cm 8-32cm 10-40cm
Max. film width(max.roll dia.) 35cm(30cm) 45cm(30cm) 60cm(30cm)
Product width (max.) 2-12cm 2 – 12 cm (5 – 15 cm) 8 – 23 cm (11 – 27 cm)
Product height Max. 5 cm Max. 6.5 cm (12 cm) Max. 6.5 cm (12 cm)
Main drive motor 1HP
Heater 1600 W for center sealer, 1200 W for end sealer