Horizontal Compact Flow Wrapper


  • Pet food, bread, cakes, moon cakes, instant noodles, biscuits, snacks, pastry products, productive wrapping of boxed products, candy, blisters, cosmetics products, toy industry, cards. Related Roducts Name: Candy Wrapping Machines.
  • Compact construction for reducing space and cost requirement.
  • Bag length is easy adjusted by the indicator.
  • Equipped with precision photocell sensor for tracing control.
  • Auto-stop for out of film.
  • Efficiently working performance and labor saving.
  • All product-contacted areas are in stainless steel or plastic construction.
Operating speed 20-150 pack/min
Bag Length 8-32cm
Max. Film Width 32cm
Max. Diameter 30cm
Max. Product Width 2-12cm(5-15cm)
Max. Product Height 5cm(8cm)
Machine Dimensions L: 295 cm, W: 80 cm, H: 152 cm
Machine Weight 600 kgs