Automatic Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine For Sod Products

Automatic Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Machine For Sod Products
  • Suitable for packaging powder or granular products, such as coffee, medicine, flour, fungus, peanuts, sugar, and salt etc. Related Products Name: Solid Filling Machine, Peanut Packing Machine.
Features CC-314
  • Ideal for packing of powder and granular products.
  • Equipped with Germany imported photocell sensor to ensure high accuracy of bag forming.
  • Equipped with Japan imported high quality thermostat, providing fast heating performance and long service life.
  • Machine quality meets sanitation requirements.
  • Convenient to adjust bag length.
  • Fully automatic operation provides high efficiency and high productivity.
  • Packaging rate 20–120 bags/min. Suits various packaging conditions.
Features CC-315
  • Adjustable cup capacity.
  • Packaging rate 20–80 bags/min suits various packaging conditions.
  • Optional products out feed conveyor.
Features CC-316
  • High packing rate up to 80 bags per minute.
  • Centralized control panel for operation convenience.
  • Specially designed packing a wide variety of powder products.
Model CC-314 CC-315 CC-316
Bag shaper T -:3-side F :4-side P :pillow-seal
Filling method M :measuring cups, C :computer weight, A :auger filler
Film width (cm) 6–16 10–28 15–36
Bag length (cm) 5–12 8–19 15–30
Hopper capacity (L) 20 25 30
Packing volume range (g) Max:30 Max:300 Max:600
Packing speed (bags/min) 20–120 20–80 20–80
Motor 1/3 HP
Heater tube 300W×2 150W×2 400W×2 150W×2 400W×2 300W×2
Power 220v, 50Hz/60Hz, 1PH
Machine dimensions (L×W×H,cm) 90×60×175 90×70×180 150×79×185
Packing dimension (L×W×H,cm) 100×70×190 100×80×195 200×89×200
Net weight (kg) 300 350 450
Gross weight (kg) 420 480 600