Semi-Auto Induction Cap Sealer


  • This induction cap sealing machine is designed for small factories, low quantity production and laboratory application.
  • Suitable for non-metal containers, such as glass or plastic bottles, such as ABS, PE(HDPE,LDPE), PET, PP, PS, PVC.
  • AAM-500i is applicable to any kinds of product, such as medication, foods, drinks, and chemical products, etc… Application of cap’s external diameter: 1.5 ~ 12 centimeters. (Custom-made available for special size)
  • Highly efficient sealing function, capable of complete sealing in spite of small quantity of water, oil stains or powders on the bottle opening.
  • Easy and simple to use, all the functions are indicated clearly on the panel for convenience of operation.
  • It’s suitable and applicable for any kinds of size container just by simple set up and adjustment.
  • The device adopts imported solid power crystal assembly and the modulated design, which ensure low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
  • The power and control cables adopt quick jacks, which allows easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Adopting IGBT/MOS-FET modulated design, the device is provided with low failure rate, reduced loss rate and doubled efficiency.
  • Sealing of vessels with different height can be achieved by adjusting the inductor.
Power Output 500W
Input Voltage 110V/220V,1PH
Max. Current 6A/3A
Cap Diameter 1.5~12cm
Generator Type IGBT
Sensor Air Cooled
Frequency(KHZ) 30-60K/Hz
Generator Size 34×21.8x33cm