Productive Type Sealing Machine

Productive Type Sealing Machine




  • A sealing machine fitted with the conveyor for efficient operations. Ideal for mass production line.
  • Equipped with infeed conveyor for greatly upgrading productivity. Suitable for mass production for hardward and part assembly.
  • Permits for 8 operators to work at both sides.
  • Maximum loading capacity on conveyor is 150 kgs.
  • Variable conveyor speed.
  • The height of the conveyor from floor is 800mm.
  • Comprehensive safety guards.
  • Stainless or wood tables on both sides. Foot stand under table allow operators to sit for working.
  • Equipped with product storing channel.
  • 3 phase, 220V power system.
Max.conveyor belt load (kgs) 150
Steel band size (WxL,cm) 1×108
Conveyor belt size (WxL,cm) 30×820
Nylon band (WxL,cm) 0.5×69
Conveyor speed (M/min) 0-10
Conveyor table tilts
Electricity (V) 220V, 1PH
Power (W) 2300(2500)
Motor 1HP
Conveyor table height adjustment (cm)
Heating temp range (℃) 0-399
N.W/G.W (kgs) 300/400
Machine dimensions (cm) 400x100x110
Packing dimension (cm) 410x110x130

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