Instant Heating Type Automatic Strapping Machine


  • Easy Operation :
    Simplified operation process to fit habits of most people does.
  • Easy Maintenance :
    Lift type tabletop (option) allows convenient maintenance, independent PCB setups can isolate malfunction and reduce time for repairs.
  • Easy Tension Adjusts :
    By rotation on external mechanical tension knob user can easily set required tension force.
  • Easy Straps Change :
    Can easily change strap width by straps width guiders.
  • Safety Design :
    DC24V internal powering eliminates shock and can prolong machine life. (Excluding motor).


Strap Cycle Speed 1.5 sec./ strap
Tension Strength 15~60Kg
Table Height 73.5 cm
Strap Width 6~15 mm
Sealing Method Heat Sealed
Driving Motor 110/220V 200W
Power Supply 110/220V 50/60Hz single phase
Dimensions 89.5W x 57D x 73H /cm
Machine Weight 95Kg
Gross Weight 120Kg in carton packing