Auto Induction Cap Sealer With Conveyor


  • Suitable for non-metal containers, such as glass or plastic bottles, such as ABS, PE(HDPE,LDPE), PET, PP, PS, PVC.
  • Cap Sealing Machine suitable for screw caps, tamper-proof caps, etc.
  • Cap Sealing Machine suitable for any product in the container.
  • Highly efficient sealing function, capable of complete sealing in spite of small quantity of water, oil stains or powders on the bottle opening.
  • Provided with the “Aluminum detection devices”, which can detect whether there’s aluminum foil inside the bottle cap, in absence of any aluminum foil, it will alarm automatically or trigger the “Removal system in absence of aluminum foil” to remove the cap of the bottle to prevent non-conforming products without sealing the cap from access to the product line.
  • The product is equipped with the current overload beeper, the failure beeper and operation indicator lamps to ensure safe operation.
  • The device adopts imported solid power crystal assembly and the modulated design, which ensure low failure rate, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
  • The power and control cables adopt quick jacks, which allows easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Adopting IGBT/MOS-FET modulated design, the device is provided with low failure rate, reduced loss rate and doubled efficiency.
  • Sealing of vessels with different height can be achieved by adjusting the inductor.
  • The plastic steel chain pieces are imported from Europe, relevant fittings are all normalized to provide the device with long service life.
  • The conveyor belt is made of stainless steel or plastic steel with high-strength aluminum alloy with quality surface treatment, conveyor belts of special dimensions (widened or heightened) can be customized.
Power Output 2000 Watts
Input Voltage 220V / 1ph
Max. Current 12A
Cap Diameter A:1-15cm B:2-12cm
Belt Speed 20~60m/min
Sensor Liquid Cooled
Generator Type MOS-FET
Frequency(KHZ) 50-100K/Hz
Generator Size 34×21.8×33 cm
Inductance Coil 50x12x12 cm