Computer Operated Filling Machine

Computer Operated Filling Machine
CC-1000W Feature
  • Applicable Products
    This CC-1000W is designed and manufactured for weighing and filling powder, powder grit, and grit product, such as medicine, watermelon seed, nut peanut, green bean, animal-feed, detergent, rice, French bread …etc.
  • 3 Steps Product Counting
    Provides extremely accurate product weighing control. Accuracy up to ±2grams.
  • Vibraton Feed Chutr
    Designed with two feed chutes(big and small)for efficient product filling operation for great operation convenience.
  • Two Operation Modes
    This machine provides automatic and semi-automatic product filling operations for great operation convenience.
  • Production Speed
    Bag contents weight 50–1000 grams, 8–15 bags per min.
    Bag contents weight 1kg–2kg, 5–8 bags per min.
    Bag contents weight 2kg–5kg, 2–5 bags per min.
  • Functions Of Computer Control Panel
    Weight is LED displayed
    3-step weight setting.
    Actual weight is LED displayed.
    Zero point setting for error indication.
    Auto. zero set reduces repetitive error.
CC-1000S Feature
  • Same features as CC-1000W but a smaller model.(counting less products)

Computer Operated Filling Machine - Schematic diagram

Model CC-1000W CC-1000S
Power 110/220 V, 50/60Hz, 1PH
Power consumption 3A
Filling method 3-steps 2-steps
Accuracy (g) ± 2 ± 1
Max volume (g) 3000 1000
Min volume (g) 50 30
Weighing speed 6–15 times/min 6–10 times/min
Machine dimensions(L×W×H,cm) 95×65×210 80×53×148
Packing dimensions(L×W×H,cm) 105×75×220 90×63×158
Net weight (kg) 120 80
Gross weight (kg) 170 120
Demos1-CC-1000S Solid and Liquid Filling Machine+Conbeyor
Demos2:CC-1000W-TB Computer Operated Filling Machine
Demos3:CC-1000S Computer Operated Filling Machine