Soymilk Cooking
  • Never sticks the cooker; No overcooking: No repetitive washing of cooker or troublesome washing caused by overcooking even when cooking high concentration or residue contained soy-milk several times.
  • No overflowing while boiling: This unattended cooking method lets you free to go shopping or to vegetable market without overflow problem after boiled.
  • Automatic temperature keeping at 100 c after boiled: After boiled, it does not reguire to reduce fire, the unit employs electronic device to automatically adjust fire to 100 c for keeping at a constant temperature, this creates delicious soy-milk.
  • Versatile applications: The manual control switch allows the unit for various cooking applications, such as hot water milk tea, black tea, and rice-milk etc.
  • Labor saving: It eliminates the high labor costs and management problems.
  • Gas saving: It saves 1/3 gas costs than a conventional cooking method with the same soy-milk amount.
  • Time saving: It saves 1/2 time than a conventional cooking method with the same soy-milk amount.
  • Cost reduction: Compact constructed for space saving, it provides high market share, competition capabilty and increased profit for your products.
Output136 L/Hr
Capacity68 L
Power25 W
Voltage110/220 V
Weight (kg)5354
Size (cm)67×90×9367×91×94