Standard Accessories
  • Operation manual, Fuse, Sealing band (Choice of stainless steel or teflon band), Tool box and tools, Ink roller and aluminum alloy word box.(Choice of bronze or steel words. Supplied only for models equipped with date coder.)
Optional Accessories
  • Counter
    1.Mechanical 4-digit type: For indicating the sealed products.
    2.Alarm type: LED displays the single lot number. Once quantity reaches, alarm sounds.
    3.Double display counter: LED displays the total quantity and single lot number. Once quantity reaches, alarm sounds.
  • Water Cooling System: Provides fast cooling effect and ensures serure sealing line.
  • Direction Of Feed: A reversible feed is available. (Feed from right to left)
Date Coder

For printing the manufactuning date, storage duration, lot number and weight etc. Standard printing capacity 28 words. (Double lines printing) (Choice of bronze, steel, or aluminum words) Custom words and logo are available.

Power Table Raising

Available only for vertical sealers. Motor drive with limit switch control for entire stroke. Provides effortless and convenient elevation of conveyor table.


Designed to trim the bag edge after sealing. Furnished with one set spared blade.

Bag Compression Unit

Hydraulic type: Provides a powerful compression effect. Recommended for expanded products, such as sponge…etc.

Tubular Legs

Fitted with 4 castors and built-in tool cabinet. Available for CC-6XXX series only.

Air Blow Attachment

For filling air into bags to prevent package crashing and upgrade visual effect.

Vacuum Suction Device

With vacuum suction pump for sucking air out of bags. It saves package volume and extends expiry date.

Bag Compression Unit

Belt type: Employs belts to force air out of bags before sealing.

Drum type Conveyor Table Position Plate

Easy to convey heavy duty package to seal.