Impulse Foot Sealer

Impulse Foot Sealer
  • Designed for sealing various bag materials, such as PE, PP, PVC etc.
  • Ideal for users of shops, stores, wholesale distributors.
  • Foot operated with two grips for maximum operation convenience.
  • Optional date coder allows for sealing and date coding at a time.
  • Electronically controlled impulse sealing gives great time saving and safety guard.
  • Automatic and continuous sealing with switch for foot control.
Model CC-300HN CC-450HN CC-600HN
Source (V) 110/220
Impulse Power (W) 400 600 800
Max Seal Length (m/m) 300 450 600
Heat Time (Sec.) 0.2–3
Max Seal Thickness (m/m) 0.4
Pack Dimensions (cm) 60×45×30 75×45×30
Weight (kg) 22 23 26